UNIT TITLE: Integrating Website Activities in Math for Elementary Teachers


Unit Goal: To integrate web-based activities with text and hands-on manipulatives in the teaching of mathematics content to pre-service teachers

Unit Summary: The four modules contained in this unit represent templates for the inclusion of content based, interactive websites throughout a semester long mathematics course for pre-service teachers. The modules’ sequence is based on Chapters 2-5 of Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers(Houghton Mifflin, 2nd Ed) by Tom Bassarear. This text is supplemented by the text author’s Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers: Explorations and a Start with Manipulatives Kit from ETA/ Cuisenaire. In each module, students are asked to explore and reflect on a given content based website prior to classroom instruction. (A recommended site is given for each module) Following content instruction (which include additional web-based activities and hands-on manipulatives, investigations and lecture) students are required, in teams, to research other web sites which provide additional opportunities for content enhancement. Their findings are then reported back to the class at the close of the semester.

Grade Level (K-16): 13-15

General Subject Area(s): Math for Elementary School Teachers

Minimum time required for the unit: 1 Semester

Concepts learned across all unit modules:


Standards addressed by unit modules:


Mathematics Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

Teaching strategies and activities that will aid in the development, delivery, and evaluation of the following:

Conceptual Knowledge and Procedural Knowledge

Demonstrate number sense and operation sense, that is, an understanding of the foundational ideas of numbers, number properties, and operations defined on numbers.

Formal Mathematical Reasoning

Demonstrate an ability to use the basics of logic in a quantitative context.


Demonstrate the ability to:

Technology needed in unit modules:

Technology-enhanced instructional strategies employed:

Title of Each Module:

#1 – Fundamental Concepts

#2 – Four Fundamental Operations

#3 – Number Theory

#4 – Extending the Number System

Unit Culminating Activity: Student groups (four person) will present their website research results for the four chapters. These presentations will include: demonstrations of the web sites, evaluation of the websites, a comparison of website activity to text’s and hands-on manipulatives’ approaches (as applicable) to the content area, and a written commentary. The commentary is to include: a summary of the individual chapter reflections, a personal reflection of their individual process in the acquisition of their chosen websites, a comparison of website activity to text’s and hands-on manipulatives’ approaches (as applicable) to the content area and a description of the content skill(s) could be enhanced by a student using the web-based activities.

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Unit Authors: John August

Chris Jarvis

Nancy Lewis

Sophia Ritz

Unit Description
Modules: 1 2 3 4