The Student Network Administration Project (SNAP) is an initiative of the Maryland Virtual High School (MVHS). SNAP's goal is to develop, test, and disseminate curriculum and training materials for two secondary school courses. The materials are being constructed by Matt Shibla, under the leadership of Mary Ellen Verona and Susan Ragan, at Montgomery Blair High School (Montgomery County, MD).

Matt Shibla is finishing the first classroom trial of Networking I during first semester of the 1997-1998 school year at Blair. This class teaches an introduction to data communications, computer networking, operating systems, and computer hardware. The course is designed as a survey of these topics, with the expectation that parts can (and will) be modified to fit the resources of the teaching environment.

Trials two and three of this class will be conducted during the second semester of the 1997-1998 school year at Bennett HS (Wicomico County, MD) and at Northern HS (Garrett County, MD). The teachers at these schools, Linda Davis and Tom Bulka, have been members of MVHS for several years and have a good working relationship with MVHS initiatives. The Networking I curriculum will be refined during the second and third trials.

The next phase in the development/testing lifecycle for this course is to attract six more schools who are interested in offering this curriculum to their students. A week-long workshop will be held in the summer of 1998 in Montgomery County, MD. This workshop will represent the first trial of teacher training materials, designed to prepare an instructor to teach the curriculum of Networking I. All teachers who are interested in receiving and teaching the Networking I curriculum in the 1998-1999 school year should attend the summer training workshop.

All materials related to Networking I will be maintained, updated, and disseminated electronically through the Internet. It is expected that electronic dialogs (email) will be established and maintained throughout the academic school year. There will also be several scheduled face-to-face meetings at certain points during the school year. The goal of these communications is to provide support for the teachers of the curriculum, and to collect feedback regarding both the curriculum materials and the effectiveness of the teacher training materials. A follow-up workshop will be held in the summer of 1999 to collect and organize feedback and improvements to the curriculum and associated materials.

The second course being developed will be a more in-depth study in network and systems administration. This course will be geared toward unix systems administration issues, but we hope to be able to develop materials for other platforms as well (primarily NT, MacOS--likely Rhapsody, and Novell). The development cycle for the second course will closely follow that of the first course. We hope that schools interested in offering the first curriculum will also desire to participate with the second. The second course will also have a summer workshop associated with it, to be held during the summer of 1999. As with the first course, the second course will also have a follow-up workshop in the summer of 2000. All materials related to Networking II will also be disseminated through the internet.

Matt Shibla
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