CSTL 2009  

Jesse Bemley, Joint Educational Facilities, Inc., Washington D.C., and Susan Ragan, Maryland Virtual High School, were selected as the 2009 Verona Computational Science Outreach Leader and Teacher Leader Award winners, respectively, for the work they have done to promote computational science for both teachers and students. Bemley, founder and director of a non-profit with a mission to prepare minority students for high-tech careers, has been extremely successful in supporting students as they prepare for college. Through enrichment activities and mentoring, Bemley has been able to guide numerous students into the science and engineering pipeline. Ragan has been leading computational science workshops for teachers since the mid 1990's. Recently she partnered with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center to infuse computational reasoning into professional development for Pittsburgh-area teachers. The awards were announced at the SC09 Education Program in Portland, Oregon on November 17, 2009.

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