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The MVHS web site is designed to be used by classroom teachers in their instruction with students. It does not offer online courses for students. The web site is housed on a server operated by Shodor and follows the Shodor Privacy Policy.

This WWW server is available for viewing by the general public, by any normal, network, WWW access methods. The general public is not authorized to use any other resources, to circumvent access restrictions, or to modify any resources on this or any other Shodor system.

MVHS materials are available for non-commercial, educational use without prior permission as long as MVHS is credited as the source of the materials.

DISCLAIMER While the information in these documents is intended to be useful to the reader, MVHS makes no warranty nor assumes any legal liability for the use of this information.

Susan Ragan, Project Director
The Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics
301-928-8510 (cell)

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