Basic Specific Heat Model  

A simple model which will allow students to see how the specific heat and /or mass of a sample affects the rate of temperature change for that sample. Students run several different samples on a comparison graph. The graph below compares water (bottom line) to lead (top line) and another substance with a specific heat of about 2. This model simply allows the students to see that all things being equal (amount of heat transferred, mass, etc), the substance with the larger specific heat will experience the smallest temperature change.

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Temp_Substance(t) = Temp_Substance(t - dt) + (Temp_change) * dt
INIT Temp_Substance = 20
Temp_change = Amt_heat_per_sec/(Mass*Specific_Heat)
Amt_heat_per_sec = 1
Mass = 1
Specific_Heat = .13
Time Specs
Range: 0 to 12, dT = .25, Integration Method = Euler's Method

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