Maryland Governor Visits MVHS 

Glendening Visits

Maryland Virtual High School

Friday, September 13, 1996

Governor Glendening visited the Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics at Montgomery Blair High School to see how this virtual community of 15 Maryland high schools is using the Internet and computational science. This project originated at Montgomery Blair, which remains its center, and is funded by the National Science Foundation.

During Glendening's visit, he visited three areas of MVHS. First, he visited the Hurricane Project in Ms. Leslie Backus' Earth/Space Science classroom. There he communicated with other MVHS schools participating in the Hurricane project. He then saw a STELLATM model of the Chesapeake Bay, developed by Dr. Tom Dillingham and Ms. Lola Piper. Glendening had the opportunity to talk with students about the model and watch them work with it. Finally, Governor Glendening participated in an MVHS walkthrough, during which he had the opportunity to communicate with MVHS students in other schools through Global Chat software.

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