MVHS Earthquake Simulation

MVHS Earthquake Simulation

Charlotte Trout
Williamsport High School
Washington County Public Schools

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To learn how to create a simulated earthquake for your region, follow the steps below.

MSDE Core Learning Goals for Earthquake Simulation

The following is just a sample of the goals which could be met by this activity. Not all these goals will be met by all teachers and certainly there are other goals which are partially if not completely met by this project

  1. Goal 1: Skills and Processes
    1. Expectation 4: The student will demonstrate that data analysis is a vital aspect of the process of scientific inquiry and communication
      1. Indicator 6: The student will use spreadsheet, graphing, and database programs and probeware on computers and/or graphing calculators
      2. Indicator 8: The student will use models and computer simulations to represent systems
    2. Expectation 5: The student will use appropriate methods for communicating in writing and orally the processses and results of scientific investigation
      1. Indicator 1: The student will demonstrate the ability to summarize scientific concepts, processes and data through written communications
      2. Indicator 5: The student will use computers and/or graphing calculators to produce tables, graphs and spreadsheet calculations
    3. Expectation 6: The student will use mathematical processes.
      1. Indicator 1: The student will use ratio and proportion in appropriate situations to solve problems
      2. Indicator 4: The student will judge the reasonableness of an answer

  2. Goal 2: Concepts of Earth Science
    1. Expectation 1: The student will use a variety of resources to identify techniques used to investigate Earth and the Universe. (seismology is listed under Indicator 1)

  3. Goal 5: Concepts of Physics
    1. Expectation 4: The student will explain and demonstrate how vibrations and waves provide a model for our understanding of various physical phenomena
      1. Indicator 1: The student will describe and demonstrate how waves can be used to transmit energy
      2. Indicator 2: The student will compare the propagation of mechanical waves
      3. Indicator 3: The student will describe and mathematically calculate wave characteristics

Map of Participating schools

The following map was prepared using ALICE software. The twelve schools participating in the simulation are represented here by the following numbers:

  1. Northern High School, Accident, MD
  2. Baltimore City College, Baltimore, MD
  3. Queen Anne's High School, Centreville, MD
  4. Arundel High School, Gambrills, MD
  5. Crofton Middle School, Crofton, MD
  6. Havre de Grace High School, Havre de Grace, MD
  7. Lackey High School, IndianHead, MD
  8. North East High School, North East, MD
  9. James Bennett High School, Salisbury, MD
  10. Montgomery Blair High School, Silver Spring, MD
  11. Smithsburg High School, Smithsburg, MD
  12. Williamsport High School, Williamsport, MD