Student Sysop Workshop  

Matt Shibla
MVHS Network Coordinator
Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics
Silver Spring, MD

National Expert on Computer Systems Administration
Holds Seminar for Students
in the Maryland Virtual High School Program

Dr. Evi Nemeth, an expert on computer system administration from the University of Colorado and author of The Unix System Administration Handbook , presented a two-day seminar to student system operators (sysops) who are part of the Maryland Virtual High School Program. The focus was on the administration of Unix computer systems and covered topics such as installing hardware and software, file systems, web configuration, security, and issues of privacy and ethics related to computer network use. The two-day event also included an address by Andrew Hume, Research Scientist, ATT Labs Research and President of Usenix, who talked about using computers to solve real-world problems involving large amounts of data.

Mary Ellen Verona, project director for the Maryland Virtual High School, called the seminar an unusual opportunity for students to receive training from top-notch professionals. " We believe that this ocasion will help demonstrate the ability and value of student sysops to district technical leaders." Montgomery Blair High School and other project schools serve as seed sites in expanding understanding of networking technology. In addition to the NSF grant, support for the workshop was provided by two professional organizations, Usenix (Unix users group) and SAGE (System Administrators Guild).

Sysops from each of the participating high schools had an opportunity to attend the seminar and share their expertise with classmates and faculty when they return to school in the fall. MVHS students from Blair, Lackey, Bennett, Williamsport, Havre de Grace, Arundel, and North East were among the participants. In addition, visiting staff and students from Arlington County, Virginia joined in. Dr. Nemeth was assisted by University of Colorado student, Adam Boggs. The temporary all Linux lab at Blair was set up and administered by Matt Shibla, MVHS Network Coordinator.

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