The EOT-PACI Partnership  

Starting in 1997, the Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics became a partner in a 7-year cooperative effort funded by the National Science Foundation to unite hundreds of educators, scientists, engineers, computing experts, and information specialists to creatively and effectively employ the advanced computational infrastructure of the 21st century. MVHS worked with the Education, Outreach and Training (EOT) Team of the Partnerships for an Advanced Computational Infrastructure (PACI) to build an infrastructure of easily accessible, authentic, computational science learning activities for K-12 students and teachers throughout the country. These activities were to be based on the Application Technologies (AT) projects which were also funded under this project. MVHS worked with scientists from the Biology Workbench project at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) to develop lessons to allow K-12 students to access the power of biological databases just as professional scientists do. An environmental model of the Chesapeake Bay watershed developed at the University of Maryland Institute for Ecological Economics served as a guide to the RiverWebSM Water Quality Simulator. The MEAD project led to the development of a set of hurricane simulations. In all cases, the scientific and technological expertise from the AT projects were paired with the precollege computational science experience of MVHS to forge a partnership to bridge the gap between K-12 education and HPC.

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