Restriction Enzyme Analysis  

Angelique Bosse
Montgomery Blair High School
Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

  • Go to Entrez at
  • Click on "Nucleotide" (part of the flow chart)
  • In the skinny box next to "Search for" type in a protein name such as "phenylalanine hydroxylase"
  • Click on "Go"
  • The result is a list of various types of the protein
  • Click on any of the accession numbers displayed and you will be able to view information about that sequence such as definition, source, classification, journal articles, comments, amino acid sequence, and the nucleotide sequence.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the nucleotide sequence.
  • "Copy" the sequence (you will be pasting it at another site)
  • Go to
  • Paste in your DNA sequence.
  • Click on Submit.
  • Result is a description of your sequence including size, number of each type of base. Also, a list of restriction endonucleases which cut your sequence, a list by base # of enzymes that cut and how many times they cut, and restriction cuts sorted by enzyme in alphabetical order.

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