TG09 Contest Winners  

Under the sponsorship of MVHS Project Director, Susan Ragan, three students from the Montgomery Blair Science, Mathematics and Computer Science Magnet Program competed against eight other teams in a parallel computing contest hosted by the Teragrid '09 Conference held June 22 in Arlington VA. Each team had nine hours to solve eight problems ranging from the benchmarking of scientific software packages to the design and implementation of models using NetLogo to the design and coding of parallel algorithms to solve complex problems. Unlike most competitions, this one was not restricted to a particular age group or institutional affiliation. Therefore, the teams of up to five students each were composed of students from high schools, community colleges, colleges, and universities. The Magnet team, composed of junior Andrew Das Sarma and seniors Anand Oza and Rohan Puttagunta, was the youngest and fewest in number, yet they out-scored all other teams except a team of graduate students from Carnegie Mellon University and a team of undergraduates from Earlham College.

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