The Great Waste Debate Activity 4  

Activity 4

Change the number of cows per acre back to 2. What happens to the bay if our model were extended to two years?

12. How do you expect the Amount of Rain graph to change when the model is run for two years instead of one?

13. How do you expect the Fertilizer Rate to Bay graph to change?

In order to change our model to run for 2 years, two STELLA converters need to be changed: Amount of Rain and Fertilizer Rate to Bay. Each of these converters is defined to accommodate only 12 months. In the model, Waste to Bay - Student Model 2, these converters have been modified for 24 months. We are assuming that the amount of rain is the same for the January in year 1 and in year 2, for the February in year 1 and year 2, etc. We are also assuming that the homeowners will still fertilize their lawns the same amount at the same time each year. Open this new model.

14. Before you run the model with this new value, which 100 acre lot do you think will dump the most nitrogen and phosphate waste into the bay?

15. Now run the model and report the results.
  1. Which dumped the most waste?
  2. How much waste did the Dairy Farm dump?
  3. How much waste did the Housing Development dump?

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