Enzyme Kinetics Models  

The enzyme kinetics models allow the user to explore the kinetics of an enzyme-substrate reaction. Users can vary the forward and reverse rate constants to evaluate the effect on the equilibrium. The Vensim version illustrated below looks at the reactions from a systems perspective. The NetLogo version allows the user to visualize the enzymes in action while outputting a graph of enzyme, substrate, product, and enzyme-substrate complex. It also allows the user to compare the output from two approaches to the model - agent-based and systems or aggregate-based. The Excel model examines the classical Michaelis-Menten equation and the various linear transformations used in enzyme kinetics. It explores the effect of inhibitors and the analysis of data by non-linear regression using Solver. The model includes some review of basic kinetics as well.

Vensim Version NetLogo Version Excel Version

A Java applet of a NetLogo model with a student handout

A Vensim Model

A NetLogo Model


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