This is a collection of resources which document the curriculum of Networking I and its first trial at Montgomery Blair High School

Here are some outlines for the course I created during initial development:

A short curriculum outline

A kitchen sink concept of computer networking instruction--probably too much for one semester, with lab exercises

Here is an outline with some details from which I lectured

Here are some detailed references I employed:

A list of acronyms--probably only useful for reference

Notes (disorganized) on PC hardware

RFC 1219 which explains some recommendations for subnet addressing

Here are the exams I gave during the semester:

Pretest--part 1, with answers

Quiz--1, with answers

Test--1, with answers

UNIX quiz, with answers

Here is a quiz on the independent projects along with answers.

A final exam, with answers

Here are materials related to ethics:

A small-group, in-class assignment on computer ethics

A homework assignment on computer ethics

Here are materials related to a brief intro to UNIX:

UNIX work sheet for an in-class exercise, with answers

UNIX review sheet, with answers

Here are materials related to some independent study projects the class researched:

An independent project assignment

And here is its associated list of topics to choose from

The following questions deal with a few chapters (1-6) from:

Stevens, W. R. 1994. TCP/IP Illustrated: the protocols. Addison-Wesley, Reading, Mass.
An assignment on Chapters 1 and 2 to be completed as homework, with answers
An assignment on ARP and RARP to be completed in class, with answers

Some questions about IP routing, with answers

This project has been funded in part by USENIX:

USENIX is the Advanced Computing Systems Association. Its members are the computer technologists responsible for many of the innovations in computing we enjoy today. It also sponosrs SAGE, the System Administrators Guild. To find out more about USENIX and SAGE, visit its web site:

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