Origins of MVHS

Preparing students to "do" science in the real world of the future means guiding them in "doing" science now. The Maryland Virtual High School of Science and Mathematics entails bringing to the classroom the same team problem solving, technology rich approaches currently used in research and business.

EOT-PACI Collaboration

MVHS was invited to join a partnership of supercomputing centers, universities, and researchers to develop activities to bring high performance computing applications to the high school classroom.

Current Partnerships

MVHS works with the partners below to provide training and resources for secondary teachers in the areas of science and mathematics:


CoreModels Program

MVHS teachers collaborated to develop and implement computational modeling activities that addressed the Maryland Core Learning Goals. In the process, they grew professionally as they learned from one another in a research-oriented environment.

EdGrid Project

MVHS joined the Center for Learning and Educational Technology at the University of Maryland, College Park to form teams of educators and preservice teachers to develop, field test and evaluate instructional activities for science and mathematics using scientific modeling and visualization.


Under the Engaging People In Cyberinfrastructure project, MVHS disseminated its Train the Trainer model of professional development for computational science teacher leaders.