Chemistry  Resources
To run the models marked NetLogo, STELLA, or Vensim will require that you download the software from the associated websites.


System / Excel Models

Agent Models / Java

Pan Water Cycle (liquid-vapor equilibrium for water)

Pan Water Cycle Overview


Chemical Kinetics/Equilibrium

Simple Kinetics Overview
Reaction Rate Comparison
Autocatalysis Overview
Brusselator Overview
Lotka-Volterra Overview
Basic Equilibrium Overview

Titration Curves

Titration Overview

Enzyme Kinetics

Enzyme Kinetics Overview


Pharmacokinetics (drug interactions)

Drug Dosage Overview


Gas Laws (experiment, Excelet, Flash, and Java plus activity)


Chemical Excelets

over 50 Excelets in chemistry  

MatSci Excelets

12 Excelets in materials science  


  chemistry simulations (Java)


  Java applets

MVHS Chemistry Resources